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    持,从工厂小妹到一步步成长,最后北服进修归来,十年历程从未放弃过对理想的追求,最后创立了bificial angel 这个品牌并取水为形传达.公司的文化寓意以




       Vicky, the founder of Bifacial Fashion, has true passion towards fashion. Born in an impoverished family, gorgeous dresses are fantasy for her. Fashion attracts Vicky, just like magnets attracts each other. She falls in love with fashion and determines to be a fashion designer. Started to her journey of fashion at 16, Vicky delved into fashion design and kept deepening her own understanding of fashion. Efforts paid off, she was admitted to Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and completed her study in 2017. With her knowledge of fashion deepens, Vicky wanted to found her own fashion brand to convey her concept, attitude and her very own understanding of fashion. With massive and careful preparation, Vicky and her team successfully founded Bifacial Angel in January, 2019. By Bifacial Angel, Vicky hopes to express the beauty and confidence of women, which is says in the slogan:

       Be true, be fearless.


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