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About the positioning of clothing products

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Many students want to start their own clothing business after graduation, so let ’s talk about the types of clothing business today.

Designer studios and market wholesales are two major types. Today we will focus on the market wholesales section.
Many brands that people see have many types of products on sale, but for clothing wholesale, very precise positioning is required

For the positioning of a single product, pay attention to the following points. First: the division of age, the colors and patterns suitable for different ages, and the styles are very different. Second: the distinction of fabrics. Woven fabrics have different effects. The third color, different colors can show different styles. For example, black and white are generally simpler colors, and red and yellow are more jumping colors. They are suitable for different styles and different personalities. People, fourth: loose or slim, different versions have different comfort levels and are suitable for different people, so as to distinguish between different age groups, fifth: details, details of a piece of clothing such as lace and buttons and Embroidery or printing highlight the characteristics of clothing to a certain extent.

Therefore, when we really choose to make the same product, we must study more the characteristics of this age group and then determine the lace and buttons according to the style determined by ourselves. All embroidery, printing and lace must conform to the characteristics of the entire style. In short, positioning is a systematic work. You need to be more focused and find out where the target group ’s needs are before you can make a really good product over time.

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