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Detailed processing of clothing

Many friends in the clothing industry know that the difference between high-end clothing brands and general clothing brands lies in details, so today we will describe the impact of details on the overall effect of clothing

The pattern is the skeleton of the clothing. What looks like a piece of clothing is partly designed, and the other part is the pattern. So the high-end clothing brand pattern is the biggest difference. Whether the whole clothes fit or not depends on the fabric designer Understanding and control, the clothes made from good patterns are very contoured, and the iron depth of the whole garment is very high

Checking the details, many big brand companies pay great attention to the control of clothing details. A piece of clothing will go through numerous checks from the first front page, and the margins from each thread to the hem will be strictly adjusted.

Accessories, high-end brand clothing, the requirements on accessories are very strict, from color to pattern are all customized, so the color of the accessories and the color of the fabric can be very close, so that the entire clothes look more high-level

In short, the difference between any high-end brand and ordinary brands lies in the control of details. Because there are so many details to check, it also needs to be fully prepared in terms of human and material resources. This is why the price of high-end brands is so high Value for money.

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