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  Difference between clothing customization and market brands

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Most students set up their own fashion design studios after graduating from college, but very few of them can be very successful. The main reason is that there is a big difference between the products suitable for the market and the style of the designer.

Many students who graduated from the School of Fashion have high education and aesthetics, but they have confused a very important point. Market brands need products that meet public aesthetic standards and practicality. It is just a pursuit of highlighting its own design style, ignoring that the products that are really selling well may not be very special in design, for example: A brand like ZARA is more suitable for public acceptance.

The founders of many clothing brands have gone through a long process. They understand the production and design of products, or more directly they understand sales. They know exactly who their clothing is to be sold to and what are the characteristics of these people. In order to design clothing products that meet these people, it is not the design itself that supports the brand's survival. The core strength is the customer group.

On the contrary, as a private custom clothing studio, the customer they need to meet is one-to-one, they can have more time to communicate with the customer, thereby spending more time and energy to serve a customer. Usually the price is expensive, and the needs of customer groups are also diverse.

In short, whether it is a private custom or a market brand, different foundations are needed to complete it. Therefore, it is recommended that designers give themselves a clear position when planning their life paths.

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