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Effect of pattern on clothing

In the apparel industry, design, pattern and technology constitute the components of apparel, so today we talk about the impact of apparel pattern on apparel.

Well-known clothing brands such as Dior and Chanel, many customers know that their clothes are expensive, and they are particularly fit on the body, so how to control the fit, this is the key to the pattern of clothing

Many students who learn pattern design from school are engaged in pattern design after graduation, but few people can stick to it. The main reason is that the school is theoretical knowledge, but it requires a lot of practical experience in the work, and each fabric shrinks. Different, different elasticity, different drape, and different composition will affect the layout, if you just make it based on theoretical knowledge, then it is definitely unqualified

So if you want to learn a good pattern better, you need to know more about the various fabrics and production techniques of clothing. Only if you really know more professional knowledge in essence, can you make great mistakes in pattern work.

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