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How to Get More Professional Information in the Negotiation

Many times when the owners receive a buyer's quotation, it is flurried it is due to the business competition growing in the world..This is the biggest mistake in business communication, and It consists of the following two factors:

1 When the customers send quotation to us, it is more important to know about the product style, price, and quality they can accept. Many salesman would like to quote the price the first time to defeat their peers, but they often don't know the correct method, which is to is ask more details from your buyer. Clear information of customer's requests would let us know about the demand point and give the right solutions when they propose then hesitate. For example, if the buyers care about the product packaging more than the price, sometimes you quote the price very cheap, but it will possibly cause us to lose control of the production cost in the future .

2 Business thinking is very important for the salesman. For business, competitive price is not the way to attract the customers. It always come down to the idea that for the price to break the deadline to strive for the order is wrong. Here are five factors we can talk on the business circle below: quality ,service, delivery time payment, and packaging. The best way to negotiate with your customers is around the four factors to achieve the customer's demand. Always comparing the five factors with the competitors and give good solutions at the first time when your customers propose doubt that it will show your professional skills .

However, it cant be denied that quoting the good price at the first time will attract the customers attention. But I suggest more that we supply a price space, as it would be more steady for business. All of the details and final price will be decided in the negotiation.

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