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How to make your design more concise

I believe that many people will find such a problem in the process of clothing design. Many of the more famous brands' clothing styles are very simple and atmospheric. There is no more accessories. The simple design can make more consumers like it.

In fact, the essence of design lies in two points, the understanding of fabric characteristics and the overall visual match, and of course, the tacit understanding with the pattern master, the clothes produced in this way have better results

Regarding fabrics, different fabrics have different patterns and manufacturing methods, patterns and colors, elasticity and drape, and shrinkage. Therefore, before designing, you must analyze the characteristics of the fabric and then proceed to the next step. The designed clothes must be worn. On the human body, so it must meet the requirements of industrial production, not only beautiful design drafts

The second aspect is the overall visual effect. The design must have a distinction between primary and secondary, simple and elegant style, the theme you want to express can be more clearly reflected, without too many colors and accessories, it is easy to convey your own design concept

In short, in the process of designing, we must observe more successful brand products and constantly observe market changes and understand industrial production.

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