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The difference between plant printing and chemical printing


Today we mainly talk about two methods of printing and dyeing fabrics, one is plant printing and the other is chemical printing.

First, let's describe chemical printing and dyeing. There are two types of chemical printing and dyeing. The first is digital printing and the second is water printing. Generally speaking, digital printing is used in a wider range. The main reason is that the time period is fast And there is no minimum order quantity

For water printing, the printing effect is also better. The entire flower pattern can penetrate the fabric, but the cost will be very expensive, and the minimum order quantity is 3000 meters. For ordinary small brands, a printed fabric needs to be 3000 There is pressure, but the color of digital printing will be more vivid but the pattern cannot penetrate the fabric

So what is plant printing and dyeing? In general, plant printing and dyeing is a printing and dyeing process that uses plants as dyes. It will have a particularly good effect on solid color printing and gradient printing. Because plant printing cannot print complex patterns and colors like digital printing, but more often plant printing More environmentally friendly and minimally harmful to human skin

All in all, no matter which printing and dyeing process has its own advantages and disadvantages, choose your own printing and dyeing process according to your own style and pattern

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