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The difference between stereo cropping and computer pattern

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In the clothing industry, paper pattern is a very important part of the prThe difference between stereo cropping and computer patternoduct. It has a very important role as design. So let's take a brief look at the difference between three-dimensional cutting and computer paper patterns today.

First of all, computer paper patterns are generally used in our factory production. Because the computer is convenient and fast, the pattern master can make a lot of paper patterns according to the factory requirements every day, but the paper patterns made for the first time are likely to fail to meet the customer's requirements. There is no way to control it all at once, but for the factory, because the work is fast, it is no problem to produce a lot of patterns every day.

Secondly, three-dimensional cutting is generally used in private clothing customization and some luxury brands. Because three-dimensional cutting is time-consuming, time and experience costs are high, so the clothes made by three-dimensional cutting are generally more expensive, but because of three-dimensional cutting It is made according to the size of the human body, so the fit and accuracy of the clothes made are very high, and it can also solve many details that cannot be solved by computer paper patterns.

Of course, many designers also like to use three-dimensional cutting to find ideas and inspiration. For styles that can not be imagined in many times, through the three-dimensional cutting process, many new ideas and inspiration can be added.

In short, whether it is three-dimensional cutting or computer pattern, we have to choose according to our own needs, but no matter which method is selected to make only the pattern, we need to have a deep connection to the structure and craftsmanship of the garment, so we still hope Everyone can study more professional knowledge, and the pattern will be more beautiful.

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