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The effect of different clothing technologies on the overall feel

In the clothing industry, many times a beautiful dress depends not only on the creativity of the designer, but also on patterns and production techniques. Of course, different production processes will have a great impact on the overall effect of the garment

Design is the soul of clothing, and the pattern is the skeleton of clothing. Then the production technology and details are the skin of the clothing. A really good piece of work must handle every detail, so the designer wants to create his own designer brand after graduation , You must use your brain to learn, so that you can control many links

First, in general, the sewing thread is divided into silk light and cotton. According to whether the fabric is shiny or not, when selecting the sewing thread, it is necessary to clearly understand that the characteristics of the thread must match the gloss of the fabric.

Secondly, it is also a very important detail whether hemming is used in production. Generally, the clothing is only sewn with a hemming machine, so it doesn't feel very high-end. A really more exquisite method will sew the two pieces of fabric. Sewing each side separately, then sewn on both sides, and finally iron it flat with an iron, this will give customers more exquisite

Thirdly, for the hem of clothing, many high-end brands will choose to cover it with fabric and then stitch it by hand, so that the appearance of the clothing will not show any traces of lines, which will be more high-end.

Of course, the above points are only a very small part, and there are more details such as buttons, dyeing, and linings. We will continue to talk about more details in the next article.

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