Where there are lots of poverty in the world, some families parents left home to work in order to survive, so leave young children and the elderly living in my hometown, these children without parents and education, so a life without a good teacher to lead them to grow, so our brand more believe that knowledge can change the cognitive, cognitive change destiny, every time we sell a dress, I will donate money for a book to a school in a poor mountainous area, hoping to light up hope with love





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    Company founder is that young and dream, the whole family are engaged in the textile business, so life from birth to has been working in the textile industry, because of the reason of family business, learned a lot of the textile industry of professional knowledge, knowledge management, enterprise management knowledge, and strong ability of supply chain management, have the family's resources as rely on, Founded his own clothing trading company

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    Mr. Chen is the co-founder of the company. He has rich brand resources in Sichuan fashion industry association. He has also helped many brands enter Chengdu and open the door to the southwest market. In the next 20 years, we look forward to bringing more excellent brands into the southwest market and helping more local brands to the world


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